What property gives me the best investment returns today?

Should we decouple to buy our next property?

Should I buy an BTO, Executive Condo or Private Condo?

What property can I afford to buy today?

How do I get started in property investment?

Should I sell my property today?

How much can I sell my property for?

Hi, I am Edwin. 

I am here to help you with your property matters. 

And here’s how I can help you:

Asset Progression Planning

Owning a 2nd, 3rd or more properties is now costlier and harder with the introduction of several cooling measures. But with careful planning, you can grow your asset with optimized costs and more confident. Here, we craft out several scenarios based on your existing real estate portfolio and financial standings to determine which is the best asset progression plans you can take.

Research and Analysis

There are thousands and thousands of properties out there in the market. Hunting for the best property is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But this is no longer a case when we are powered by state-of-the-art analytic tools and a strong research team to analyse the big data to get you the best-matched properties specific to your criteria. 

Empowering You

I believe in getting the best deal for you is for us to work together very closely. You will be involved in my thought process at all real estate stages (e.g. negotiation with potential buyers/sellers, analysing the property market, etc.). And how I go about doing this is by sharing my opinions, findings, experience through meet-ups, WhatsApp, and my blog.

Ready to start your Real Estate Journey?

Else, feel free to explore my page and hope there are good takeaways for you.

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CPF Refund Rules Upon Property Sales

CPF Refund Rules Upon Property Sales

Just received a circular from CPF regarding CPF refund rules upon property sales and thought it would be worthwhile to share as many sellers and even property agents may not know about this rules. CPF has recently encountered cases where sellers faced difficulties...

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Satisfied Clients

Great and reliable advisor! My property rental has been well taken care by him.

He will also provide updates and give me advices on the property market, keeping me well informed of the property I?m interested in and my current property value. Thanks and you?re great, Edwin!

Lee Guohong

5 Star. Edwin is an excellent real estate agent. He has a big heart to help his clients to get the properties they dreamed of based on the clients’ needs. He is very up-to-date with Singapore property market and loves to share his valuable insights to grow your property portfolio. Highly recommended! Thanks Edwin!????

Joe Nartono

Edwin was terrific and found me my dream home at Mount Sophia. He was patient and knew exactly what I wanted. Edwin is also very open, honest and gave me sound and valuable advice on property. I actually feel very lucky that Edwin was my agent and my friend during the entire process and couldn?t wish anyone else a better agent to help them in probably the biggest purchase of their lives. Thanks Edwin??

Terrence Sim

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