What property gives me the best investment returns today?

Should we decouple to buy our next property?

Should I buy an BTO, Executive Condo or Private Condo?

What property can I afford to buy today?

How do I get started in property investment?

Should I sell my property today?

How much can I sell my property for?

Hi, I am Edwin.

I am here to help you with your property matters.

And here’s how I can help you:

Asset Progression Planning

Owning a 2nd, 3rd or more properties is now costlier and harder with the introduction of several cooling measures. But with careful planning, you can grow your asset with optimized costs and more confident. Here, we craft out several scenarios based on your existing real estate portfolio and financial standings to determine which is the best asset progression plans you can take.

Research and Analysis

There are thousands and thousands of properties out there in the market. Hunting for the best property is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But this is no longer a case when we are powered by state-of-the-art analytic tools and a strong research team to analyse the big data to get you the best-matched properties specific to your criteria.

Here’s a glimpse of the analytic process to assess the worthiness of a property.

Empowering You

I believe in getting the best deal for you is for us to work together very closely. You will be involved in my thought process at all real estate stages (e.g. negotiation with potential buyers/sellers, analysing the property market, etc.). And how I go about doing this is by sharing my opinions, findings, experience through meet-ups, WhatsApp, and my blog.

Ready to start your Real Estate Journey?

Else, feel free to explore my page and hope there are good takeaways for you.

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Client Testimonials: Real Feedback from Those Who’ve Experienced My Services.

Based on 9 reviews
Ryner Chua
Ryner Chua
Edwin is a reliable and professional agent that has great knowledge in the property market. He is not pushy and provides great advices based on our budget and needs. Through Edwin, we managed to sell our MOP unit at a record breaking price and upgrade to a bigger home for our expanding family. Thank you for being a part of housing journey!
Chi Ha
Chi Ha
We found our new home in the area we wanted and within our budget thanks to Edwin! He was super helpful during the process of price negotiation and advices on grants application/ paperwork procedures. Most importantly, we find Edwin very reliable and he did not fail us. Highly recommended!
Bright Chen
Bright Chen
Edwin is a reliable agent providing valuable insight and suggestions with his knowledge and experience. He is not someone pushing you to close the deal but the one helps you to find the fit to your needs. 👍 In the end, he is not just a agent but a friend to me before I found my new home. Thank you Edwin! 🥂 Highly recommended to whoever is not sure where and whom to start with when you are looking for your home! 🎉
Jinfu Lim
Jinfu Lim
A helpful and responsible agent. He is able to give sound advice when I have any queries.
Sarah Lam
Sarah Lam
Right from the start, Edwin came out with a good sales plan for our place. He prepared a sales deck for our potential buyers and conducted each viewing with professionalism. He is meticulous and would change his sales deck after hearing feedbacks from our potential buyers. Our place was sold above valuation because of his dedicated service. Thank you Edwin!
Claude Lee
Claude Lee
Very patience and helpful in helping me selling off my unit! Moreover, he managed to sell it at a good price! Highly recommended and thanks for helping me out all these years!
Gerard Lee
Gerard Lee
Edwin has been a great help for me hunting for my first property, readily sharing his opinions honestly and helping me with the analysis of the different options I could consider. Definitely a trustworthy and dependable agent for everyone who is considering getting a property, both new or experienced. 🙂
Seat Yee Lau
Seat Yee Lau
Edwin is a sincere friend who provided me valuable analysis for my first home purchase. He sent me useful information, listened to my needs and preferred lifestyle, opened my eyes to the property markets without me making a hasty decision. Thanks to his guidance and support, I truly enjoyed the Home search journey with him. With the tips that he shared, I was even able to help some of my friends who felt helpless with their agents. They were all impressed with the informative analysis done by Edwin. I am Glad that I trusted Edwin, and I look forward to more growing opportunities with him!
Rachel Chew
Rachel Chew
I know Edwin as a ex-colleague and have a great working relationship with him since then. So, it was a no brainer to get him to help us in our property search and we are very glad we did. Even in his new career, there is no lack of professionalism. More than just showing us properties like a tour guide, he has worked out a detailed asset progression plan to fits our budget and lifestyle. As he says, he gonna be our lifelong partner in our real estate journey. Highly recommended!

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If you are ready to begin your rewarding real estate investment journey with me, get in touch with me, till we meet, good luck in your real estate investment journey.