1. Free Furniture Voucher apply to
– stack 14 (FV $88,000)
– Stack 02 (FV $128,000)
– 4 bedrooms only one unit #02-03 (FV $188,000)

2. Two years maintenance fee waiver apply to the above mentioned units only

P/S:- Only apply to the first 5 units closed during the COVID-19 circuit breaker period!

Term & Condition:
1. Payout upon 85% payment at TOP, within 14 days lawyer will issue the cheques.
2. No reissue/ interest fee waiver or all this kind of condition will not be entertained
3. Nett price in previous price list sent non-negotiable.
4. In PP form, indicates this 2 promo at the remarks.
Side letters will come at the point when buyer exercise.
Buyers will need to declare to the bank and Lawyers. It will affect their loan quantum.
5. Buyers can opt-out from the promo, but FV cannot used to nett off the purchase price.
6. Promo is not transferable, in the event of subsale, the next owner will not enjoy the FV and 2 years maintenance fees waiver.

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Disclaimer: Developers reserved the right to change/withdraw the promotion at any time and with no further notice.